Friday, 22 May 2009

Watercress again

Thanks to goodshoeday for her lovely comment on my previous watercress post - she talks of a chicken, mayo and watercress sandwich which sounds divine. Returning home, I browsed some cookbooks for watercress ideas, and mea culpa . I spoke slightly disparagingly about my mother's cress sandwiches - no less an authority than Jane Grigson says that the sandwich is the best way to experience the full peppery blast of these wonderful greens. I also looked in Sophie Grigson's Country Cookbook (which I picked up in a discount bookstore - I can't imagine why as it's a wonderful book) and she too speaks well of the sandwich route. She points out that cooking the cress gets rid of the essential hotness, and suggest several salad ideas. I'm thinking watercress, avocado, chirizo.


goodshoeday said...

Glad the sandwich idea inspired you. I'm planning a secret lunch feast for one of the days I'm working from home next week so I can much away on a packed cress sandwich without husband rolling eyes/pulling faces. Yum yum.

fran39 said...

Aha! Contraband cress! I love it.