Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The summer pie

Here's what happened to the remnants of yesterday's asparagus (and yes! I've been waaay too slow this year).
Take several leaves of filo pasty and line a flan tin, angling the pastry like a clock face, so that all the hours are covered. Build up the layers and brush with melted butter as you go. Very soothing. Meanwhile, cook your asparagus according to your favourite method. Drain and reserve.
For most of my flan/tart recipes, I use a basic custard from the Greens cookbook, much loved and much splattered. The American cup measurement is very useful, as I find an easy way to judge quantities without measuring. But I've added metric measures as a guide.

Basic tart custard

2 eggs (organic for peace of mind)
1 cup/225 ml creamy stuff - double cream or sour cream or creme freche - today I used half and half Philly cheese and double cream - the choice is yours
3 oz/100g hard cheese - I used gruyere, but whatever you've got

Mix all the ingredients together.
Put your asparagus on the filo lined tin. Pour over the custard. Add a few gratings of cheese. Fold over the filo pastry with the glue of melted butter. Bung into an oven at gas mark 5 for 35 mins or until your nose tells you it's done.
I served with a garden salad of chives, mustards, rocket and avocado.

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