Thursday, 15 October 2009

Squash alert

I have a serious squash infestation. They've been sneaking in via my veggie box, and three more came in from the allotment. They are now huddling together in the corner of the kitchen, muttering to each other, so it's time to pay them some attention. This is such a beautiful and patient veg: they keep for ages for use through autumn and into winter.

For supper, one baby will get the cheese and cream treatment, which I think I first saw on an early River Cottage programme, and then the wonderful Debbie of Hidden Valley Pigs served it up for lunch during a memorable piggy weekend of pork processing and fish smoking. Scoop out the seeds from your squash, reserving the top to form a lid, then fill the cavity with cheese and cream. I've used Parmesan to pack flavour into this small squash.

The oven is at gas mark 6, and it goes in for around 45 mins. And another three squash are de-seeded, seasoned and sloshed with a little olive oil. I'll deal with the roasted flesh at the weekend.
The finished cheesy squash was really lovely, and I forgot to take a photo of it until I'd scooped it clean.
All food entering the house has to pass the Mouse test.


mangocheeks said...

Is mouse smiling? what a pretty picture.

I have a basket full of golden apple squashes, the size of a cricket ball - so like you I am am scouting for inspiration to cook them.

fran39 said...

That's her detective expression, Mango. Another squash idea: get some fresh lasagne sheets and make some ravioli with a squash, parmesan and pinenut fulling.