Thursday, 16 July 2009

Supper for a cool summer's day

It's not exactly the barbeque summer we were promised, and yesterday's downpour had me yearning for a pasta supper. There was a chunk of lovely Barkham Blue cheese in the fridge, left over from my Rye Harbour trip, and broad beans from my veg box. Time to combine the beans with my favourite and easy-peasy blue cheese sauce.
This is so simple and so delicious, and the original comes from an old Fratelli Camisa cook book. Simply pour double cream into a saucepan and add your small chunks of blue cheese. I first made this with Gorgonzola, but it's grand with Shropshire Blue, Devon Blue or - most heavenly of all - Beenleigh Blue. Add a good grinding of black pepper and heat gently until the cheese has melted. Then it was time to tackle the beans.

These were whoppers, so after a few minutes in boiling water, I drained them, dunked them in cold water and nipped off the tops with a thumb-nail so that the inner green beans popped out. Into the sauce they went to heat through. Meanwhile, the pasta was reaching tenderness. Once drained, it joins the sauce and gets gently stirred in.
A final shaving of parmesan over the top, and my supper was ready, with a hunk of Turkish olive bread to mop up every last smear of the savoury sauce. Yum!

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goodshoeday said...

I love pasta with broad beans and I'm pretty partial to blue cheese - I can this being a lunch choice for me very soon. Yummy.