Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Summer things

Ooops - life/work hiatus intervened for a bit there - back now after a scorching week that had Mouse roaching for maximum cool air coverage.
On the allotment, the June surge has pushed into the July harvest - this weekend's crop included the first mini cucumber, speckled french beans, the first of the Tricolour courgettes and a good crop of peas. Meanwhile, out in the garden, the story is just as good.
My first crop of blackcurrants! Sprinkled with sugar and warmed through then sieved, they made a perfect pudding with a splurge of double cream.
These Black Cherry toms are just outside the back door - the first truss has set. It's a small plant compared to some of my other toms, but so far, looks healthy.
I've sown more broad beans (the Sutton) to try and replace the ones overwhelmed by black fly on the allotment.

My brugmansia (one of the few flower-only plants in the garden - I'm such a utilitarian) is growing like a triffid. Enormous.

Another monster grower is the hyssop anise that I bought from Jekka's Herb Farm back in the spring. It's threatening to outgrow the cucumber and achoba fat baby beside it.
I sowed this Thai basil in May - it's also doing well.

And in the chilli shed I have my dedo de mocha (amputated finger) pepper - they look a bit unhappy at how hot it is, but they've calmed down a bit now it's cooler. I've got a couple of window boxes full of Plants of Distinction's Sicilian seven-seed rocket mix, plus some mesclun mix and another box of sorrel. Should keep me in salads for a while.


mangocheeks said...

The tricolor cougettes look good.

fran39 said...

Thanks, Mango! Just been catching up with your yummy looking blackcurrant cake. The tricolour courgettes should produce yellow, dark green and light green fruit - we shall see!

Dan said...

Your cat is a bit of a lump isn't he Fran! All looks good, I'd like to grow some nice veg when the gardens finally finished. Until then, I'll take inspiration from yours.

Scarlett the Heavenly Healer said...

As is your crop and your gorgeous garden. It all looks wonderful!

Lickedspoon said...

That's one happy cat! How wonderful your garden looks - I envy you the blackcurrants.

fran39 said...

Mouse would like to thank everybody for the compliments...she's much happier now the weather has cooled, but she doesn't do rain, so has ordered some more normal summer weather.

Michele said...

Your plants all look so gorgeous! Mouse is a cutie~