Saturday, 6 June 2009

Skiathos 1

Home to a wet and chilly north London from the magical island of Skiathos. We had a most wonderful time: from the moment we landed, three hours late (courtesy of duff computers at Gatwick) to dark skies lit with sheet lightening. This was my first visit to Greece and what I hadn't expected was the other-worldly atmosphere of the islands which enveloped me as I stood outside the airport.
We were staying at Koukounaries, over to the west, at an apartment owned by Gail, who came to Skiathos over 30 years ago. J came here four years ago, and it was just as lovely as she promised, with terraces and a pool overlooking the Aegean.

It was very late when we arrived, so we made a quick sortie to the local supermarket and I rustled up a post-flight supper of big beans, feta, watermelon, salami, pepper, hard boiled eggs, bread, honey and baklava. Enough to keep us going til the next morning dawned with glorious Mediterranean sun.

J and I almost always end up on holiday being adopted by a cat - this time it took just 12 hours for him to arrive. The poor boy was very old and had the most awful ear mites, so we nicknamed him Wedgehead. He was thin and hungry, and yes, of course we fed him. Here he is, with J.

I'll blog more about Skiathos later, but now a big thank you to Debora at Licked Spoon, who's given me an award!

How nice is that! The rule is that I now have to pass the award on to my favourite blogs...something I'll be mulling on this morning.


mangocheeks said...

Welcome back.
I have missed reading your blog, so much talk about 'goosegogs'. Its good to have a break now and again, so I hope you enjoyed it, sounds like you did. I look forward to reading about your adventures in Skiathos.

goodshoeday said...

Lucky you a week in Greece. I went for the first time 3 years ago and its so beautiful - hoping to be able to go back soon. Looking forward to hearing what food you ate.
And as for the goosegogs - well it was so nice to hear them called that again - my Dad always uses that name - seems to be a midlands/northwest thing it seems.
Welcome back!

fran39 said...

Mango - Thank you for the welcome back! I'll be blogging more about Skiathos today. Just nipped over to your blog - looks like I've missed quite a week!
goodshoeday - isn't Greece amazing...but not too hot on the food front - not a patch on Turkey. But I've just been out to get the Sunday papers and succumbed to a pack of houloumi.