Monday, 22 February 2010

Lunch fail

It's not often that I have a meal so stupidly cooked that I need to write about it, but last week's lunch at Davy's Wine Bar in west London was a monument to bad eating.
Neither C nor I wanted much to eat, and C warned me that the food wasn't great. I chose halloumi and couscous thinking that there wasn't much that could go wrong...a big mistake. Halloumi, that wonderful cheese from Cyprus, is meant to be cooked (unless you can get hold of the really fresh stuff). For me, the whole point of Halloumi is that wonderful salty, squeaky, hot and crisp sensation that you get when the cheese comes straight from the grill or the pan. Something like this...

Davy's doesn't do hot halloumi. There were some very pale griddle marks on one side of the cheese and none on the other. The result was a tepid hunk of pale tastelessness. The poor cheese sat on a bed of couscous to which no seasoning  or lubrication had been added. So a plate that could have been quite tasty was utterly unattractive and really quite nasty to eat. What a complete bloody waste of ingrediants.


Anonymous said...

Did you complain though?

Helen T said...

Sounds like kitchens run by people who don't know food. I'm interested if you did complain or not,but disappointed that a chain like this can't have the basics right. It's not as though this is a complicated dish.