Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all readers and visitors, and may 2010 bring you every food delight that you wish new year kicked off in traditional style with a lovely visit to best mate J in the depths of a snowy Buckinghamshire countryside. Our new year's eve feast began with a starter of smoked scallops and chirizo on  rye-coriander toast: but we'd scoffed it before I had a chance to get the camera out. Next up, and in time to be photoed, was a fennel risotto with parmesan shavings. A good winter warmer. And to finish, fresh pineapple roasted in a spiced butterscotch sauce (a Denis Cotter recipe). I didn't have time to make a coconut ice cream to go with it, but J whipped down to the corner shop and grabbed some fine vanilla ice to complement the hot fruit.

While we were polishing that off, Daisy and Freida were lounging on the sofa in their basket, keeping snug.

My christmas began with a visit to Ely - the farmers market was open on the day before Christmas Eve so I couldn't resist a return. Hard to believe that this was the first snowfall of the big freeze.

The cathedral was all set for the festive season with a fabulous tree.

And just as I'd hoped, there at the market was the lovely Norfolk potter who has furnished me with some great dishes on my last visit. I've lost her card, and don't want to risk getting her name wrong, so full details will have to wait til I find which book her card is marking.

I'd hoped she'd be there so that I could buy J's smaller present - and I got a lovely pottery collander for myself.

J's big present to me was a beautiful tagine: it now has pride of place in my kitchen and I'm planning some yummy Morracan stuff to cook in the coming months. But at the moment I'm all of a slather because I've been asked by work to go to Washington DC for a couple of days to help out on some training. America! I've never been before, and ice permitting, I fly out tomorrow afternoon. I hope to visit the Lincoln Memorial, the cafe at the Native American museum, get to grips with American eggs and hook up with Eddie from Obama Fooderama. Meanwhile: keep warm!


Lickedspoon said...

Happy new year to you Fran! It sounds like you had a wonderful one. Have a terrific trip to America - I look forward to reading about your foodie traveller's tales.

mangocheeks said...

Happy New Year ot you Fran.
I am so excited for you and hop the westher is kind to you and that you get to America without too many delays.

I look forward to reading about your trip when you get back. Stay warm!

mangocheeks said...

Oh I meant to say I love pottery too and am envious of your tagine. It is gorgeous. Cherish!

Anonymous said...
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fran39 said...

Tnanks guys! DC is really rather wonderful but very cold. More later when I have time to get some pics together.