Monday, 3 August 2009

Plot news

The sun really came out and beamed on us yesterday, and I spent all morning on the allotment. My tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen - I think these are Golden Berry: having carefully labelled all the seedlings, I didn't transfer the labels into the ground. But these guys were soft and acid and sweet.
I was thrilled to see that the squash (Japanese varieties) have really taken off. Here's the biggest nestling behind a flower.
The courgette Tricolour is also doing well, but it's determinedly yellow in fruit.
The runner beans (Red Rum) are going great guns: at the top right of the picture, you may see a bumble bee making its approach.
Q and I made a big potato harvest - lots of Charlotte and Burgundy Red. The only problem with digging potatoes is that the ground throws up lots of biting soil bugs (thrips?) which make a beeline for me. So I'm happy but very bumpy and itchy.


Michele said...

I love the squash!

mangocheeks said...

Hi Fran,
Everythings looks lovely. Shame about the tricolour courgettes, not being tricolour!Are you growing those tomatoes outdoor. Wow! I can't do that up here, too too cold.

I have been growing scarlet runners, but I may try your 'red rum' once you've given me your taste verdict on them. I also like the look of those burgundy red potatoes.

fran39 said...

Thanks Michele! I think the squash are going to be whoppers.
Mango - yes, most of the toms are outdoors. I've got another two or three in the shed. I'll let you know how the red rum taste! I adore my red pototoes - just out of the ground, they almost glow with colour. And they taste fab - rather floury and nutty.