Monday, 30 March 2009

Potato day on the plot

The potatoes went in yesterday, under blue skies and strong spring sun. I didn't get the allotment until late April last year, so the potatoes went in very late and the harvest wasn't huge. But the Shetland Blacks and Edzell Blues were so tasty. They're more floury than modern varieties, so you have to watch them like a hawk while they boil or they turn into sludge.
This year I ordered the heritage pack from Thompson and Morgan which includes Highland Burgandy Red (in the pic), Shetland Black, Skerry Blue, Salad Blue and the wonderfully named Mr Little's Yeltholm Gypsy which is red, blue and white. Another variety I'd like to try next year is Sharpe's Express, mentioned in Forgotten Fruits - which is a wonderful book. The author says it has the best taste of all.
Heritage potatoes growers Carrolls won a big Observer Food prize last week: their range is superb and you can get your tatties from their online shop - either seed or for eating right now.

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